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Tumblr is adding a feature to disable reblogs of posts

How WordPress and Tumblr are keeping the internet weird

CEO Matt Mullenweg on why he bets big on small companies

Tumblr is settling with NYC’s human rights agency over alleged porn ban bias

Tumblr will let you ditch its terrible ads for $4.99 a month

Tumblr goes overboard censoring tags on iOS to comply with Apple’s guidelines

Tumblr’s subscription feature is now open to everyone in the US

How a teen punk led a movement for disabled people online

Tumblr starts letting bloggers charge a subscription

Tumblr will now remove all reblogs of posts that violate its hate speech policy

Tumblr is rolling out an internet literacy initiative to help combat misinformation and cyberbullying

Tumblr’s introducing community hubs feature to make following interests way easier

Tumblr is launching a new group messaging feature built with fandoms in mind

After the porn ban, Tumblr users have ditched the platform as promised

India wants social media platforms to remove content it deems ‘unlawful’

Tumblr porn vanishes today

Tumblr is back in Apple’s App Store following adult content ban

How to back up your Tumblr before the porn ban

This stream has:

The fallout from Tumblr’s porn ban

Tumblr’s adult content ban means the death of unique blogs that explore sexuality

Tumblr is already flagging innocent posts as porn

Tumblr will ban all adult content on December 17th

Tumblr was removed from Apple’s App Store over child pornography issues

Tumblr is missing from Apple’s App Store

Tumblr is explicitly banning hate speech, posts that celebrate school shootings, and revenge porn

How Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan program toys with the passions of fandom

The year we wanted the internet to be smaller

How witches took over Tumblr in 2017

Tumblr trends for 2017: witchcraft, Wonder Woman, and wholesome memes

Tumblr CEO David Karp is stepping down from the company

Tumblr app adds fancy fonts and lets you reorder text and images in posts

To celebrate the hashtag’s anniversary, you should get some security blanket hashtags

Verizon is killing Tumblr’s fight for net neutrality