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Speaker Reviews

We can all do with more music and, thankfully, tech manufacturers couldn’t be more eager to sell you a speaker, whether it’s a multi-room setup from Sonos, a wireless Bluetooth option from Bose or JBL, or a smart speaker, like the HomePod, Google Home, or Alexa-powered Amazon Echo. Not all of them are good or reasonably priced, but we’ve cut through the overcrowded speaker market and offered a critique to the most popular speakers.

Sony Glass Sound Speaker review: it’s not what it looks like

Ikea’s latest Sonos lamp speaker is still an acquired taste

Better looks, easier bulbs, still niche

Bose’s new SoundLink Flex speaker has a rugged design and ‘astonishing’ sound

Sonos Beam (second-gen) review: Atmos(t) a minor upgrade

Sony HT-A7000 review: a next-gen Atmos soundbar that’s (almost) perfect for gaming

A $1,300 soundbar that does pretty much everything

Ikea and Sonos picture frame speaker review: wall of sound

The latest Symfonisk collaboration is another attempt to camouflage tech in the home

Sonos Roam review: portable potential

The tiny, lightweight speaker has a ton of functionality, but don’t expect sound quality miracles

Sony RA5000 speaker review: extravagant sound at an unreasonable price

It’s a very Sony product, in ways both good and bad

Apple HomePod mini review: playing small ball

Apple’s newest smart speaker is way more affordable but still chasing Amazon and Google

Google Nest Audio review: the sweet spot

Google’s latest smart speaker has good sound and an attractive price

Marshall’s Emberton is a basic but brilliant Bluetooth speaker

Ultimate Ears’ HyperBoom is my desert island Bluetooth speaker

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Amazon Echo Studio review: finally, an Echo that sounds great

Amazon Echo (2019) review: middle child syndrome

Amazon’s latest Echo speaker splits the difference between a high-end smart speaker and an entry-level model

Amazon Echo Dot with clock review: time is on its side

A $59 clock that also comes with a pretty good speaker

JBL Link Bar review: three devices rolled into one average soundbar

Sonos Move review: house shaker, not road warrior

Sonos’ first portable speaker is more comfortable at home than on the go

Ikea’s new speakers are the most affordable way to get Sonos in your home

And they sound good, too

Sonos Amp review: all kinds of power

Roku TV Wireless Speakers review: easy listening

Razer Nommo Pro speakers review: versatility comes at a price

The best Bluetooth speaker to buy right now

Polk Command Bar review: smarter than it sounds

Sonos Beam review: living room upgrade

Bose SoundWear Companion neck speaker review

Homepod in a room

Apple HomePod review: locked in

It sounds amazing. Is that enough?