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California aims to score big in the race for offshore wind

Amazon is getting into mental health care with a Ginger partnership

Opioid addiction treatment is collateral damage in online prescription backlash

Heat pumps: what they do and why they’re hot now

FCC rejects Starlink’s bid for rural internet subsidies due to its $600 satellite dish

A “risky” proposal

Nights are getting way too hot to handle

The Starlink dish pointing at the sky


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‘Take that, Elon Musk’: Ford’s CEO takes a swipe at EV rival while announcing solar investment

Monkeypox outbreak: everything you need to know

Amazon sold unauthorized mole removers, and the FDA isn’t happy about it

Why the US needs Russian uranium

Climate change can make most human diseases worse

This act is the biggest step against climate change the US has ever taken

The Verge Review of Animals: Bibi the hippo

Biden administration declares monkeypox a public health emergency

House Moderates Expect White House Bill’s Cost Estimates To Fall Short


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Monkeypox can’t use the same at-home testing playbook as COVID-19

How machine learning could help save threatened species from extinction

Machine learning can teach us which species are at risk of extinction

Spain bans setting the AC below 27 degrees Celsius

Patients did DIY blood draws in a new vaccine study

Go read this investigation into major methane leaks in Texas and New Mexico

Meta sued for violating patient privacy with data tracking tool

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The uneven energy costs of working from home

Natural Cycles now accepts temperature data from the Oura smart ring

Amazon's climate pollution is getting way worse

The US organ transplant network is built on shaky technology, reports say