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The 21st century is a wild time to be a young person. The old systems are crumbling, new ideas are bubbling up, and people are more restless than ever. At the center of it all is the greatest communication system the world has ever known, reflecting every frustration and desire through a maze of mirrors. Everything is falling apart — and anything is possible.

We wanted to know firsthand what it’s like to be a young person in the present moment, so we went straight to the source. In June, we put out a call for pitches from young writers, asking for personal essays about their experiences with technology. Now, we’re ready to share what came back: 11 pieces exploring how technology is helping young people navigate our strange new world, publishing throughout the week. Whether it’s underground Discord channels or chaotic online art clubs, these communities are redefining what it means to grow up online.

We got a ton of great pitches for this and we’re hugely grateful to everyone who sent something in, even if we weren’t able to get you on the site. Don’t feel too bad, though — we’re hoping to do this again before long, so you’ll have another shot. Stay tuned!