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Game of Thrones

With season 8, HBO’s Game of Thrones, based on George RR Martin’s bestselling books, finally comes to an end. Join The Verge as we navigate the character deaths, the battles for the throne of Westeros, the arcane politics, and the grotesquely complicated family dynamics of America’s favorite fantasy soap opera. From wild fan theories to books-vs.-show connections to creator conversations and controversies, we’re tracking the most compelling parts of this unprecedented cultural phenomenon.

Now you can rewatch Game of Thrones in 4K on HBO Max

The new trailer for HBO’s House of the Dragon has the blonds out in force

The Duolingo owl wants to teach you even more of Game of Thrones’ High Valyrian

Game of Thrones spinoff House of the Dragon premieres August 21st

Game of Thrones is heading to Broadway with a new prequel play

Coming in 2023

Game of Thrones fan favorite Bella Ramsey will star as Ellie in HBO’s The Last of Us

How The Folio Society designs its gorgeous collector’s editions of Game of Thrones

House of the Dragon, HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel, won’t premiere until 2022

HBO announces new Game of Thrones spinoff, House of the Dragon

HBO cancels its first planned Game of Thrones spinoff

Game of Thrones showrunners quit Star Wars trilogy to work on Netflix projects

HBO is reportedly turning George R.R. Martin’s worst book into a Game of Thrones spinoff

Game of Thrones creators sign $200 million Netflix deal to make exclusive shows and films

Tyrion subtly won the Game of Thrones

An apology to George R.R. Martin: ending Game of Thrones is really hard

George RR Martin teases what’s next in wake of Game of Thrones finale

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The Game of Thrones finale was the most watched HBO show of all time

Game of Thrones worked best as a communal experience

Farewell to eight seasons of twists, tears, and a lot of fire and blood

Game of Thrones’ finale was blocked in China because of Trump’s trade war

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Game of Game of Thrones: season 8, episode 6, The Iron Throne

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Who were the people at Game of Thrones’ pivotal finale meeting?

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The high and low points of Game of Thrones’ final episode

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Game of Thrones’ series finale left some plastic water bottles on-screen

All the questions HBO’s Game of Thrones never answered

A million fans sign Game of Thrones petition, but it won’t stop them from being killed off tonight

Game of Thrones Hope Chest: should Daenerys be saved?

The real change in Game of Thrones’ Daenerys is in how other characters see her

The Folio Society’s stunning edition of A Game of Thrones is coming in July

Angry Redditors are trying to Google bomb Game of Thrones writers

Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones continue to dominate culture with MTV nominations

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Most of Game of Thrones’ problems could be solved with therapy

Does Westerosi medical insurance cover this?

The next Star Wars movie hitting theaters in 2022 will be from Game of Thrones’ Benioff and Weiss

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Game of Game of Thrones: season 8, episode 5, The Bells

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Game of Thrones’ writers love their clumsy-fool characters and big, dumb gestures

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Game of Thrones’ final showdown comes down to what it means to be a good ruler

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Game of Thrones’ showrunners say Daenerys’ big decision was completely spontaneous

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A brief history of Cleganebowl, Game of Thrones’ best fan theory

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Game of Thrones Hope Chest: underserved and absent characters

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Game of Thrones could be doing so much more with its big dragon metaphor