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Cinema isn’t just about the latest Disney/Pixar project or Star Wars spin-off. Memorable storytelling is happening all over the film industry, from Hollywood’s box-office-busting superhero smashes to small, innovative indie experiments. The Verge’s film section is here to help you sort through the latest Hollywood news and reviews, from favorite genres like sci-fi, fantasy, and horror to the independent movies that matter.

Fork me: ‘Fall’ movie removed more than 30 F-bombs with deepfake dub technology

Sonic’s gotta go fast for a third cinematic outing in December 2024

Watch out, someone wants to turn Pac-Man into a live-action movie

Netflix’s Carter puts action above all else

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker sequel is releasing in October 2024, and Lady Gaga is joining the cast

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Prey understands what makes Predator interesting: the hunt

The megamerger killed Batgirl

Alec Baldwin shouting ‘Patriot Act’ in The Departed: a close reading

Martin Scorsese’s gangster flick and its obsession with the American surveillance state

HBO Max’s $90 million Batgirl movie is headed to the vault

Star Wars spinoff Andor has a new trailer and a new premiere date

The next Tomb Raider film will feature a new Lara Croft

Ben Affleck’s Batman will return for Aquaman 2

Daniel Radcliffe’s Weird Al biopic gets November release date

Netflix’s upcoming Running with the Devil documents John McAfee on the run

Pinocchio’s first proper trailer shows Guillermo del Toro’s new take on the classic

Netflix is turning The Gray Man into a cinematic universe

Avatar Studios’ first animated movie will feature very familiar faces

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All the best trailers from SDCC 2022

Orcs, gelatinous cubes, and far too many zombies

Marvel outlines Phase 6 with Fantastic Four and two new Avengers movies

Marvel’s Phase 5 will kick off with Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania and end with Thunderbolts

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’s first trailer pits Atlantis against the world

Black Adam sure seems like the villain in his movie’s latest trailer

Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ first trailer introduces a delightful villain

John Wick 4’s first trailer questions when it all ends

Amandla Stenberg may head to the dark side in Star Wars’ Acolyte series

Don’t Worry Darling’s coming apart at the seams in its latest trailer

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves looks like a celebrity-filled LARP in first trailer

Logan and the Deadpool movies are coming to Disney Plus

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Jordan Peele’s Nope is a breathtaking celebration of filmmaking as an art form

Jordan Peele’s done it again with Nope

The best Spider-Man movies are coming to Netflix

Netflix is acquiring the animation studio behind The Lego Movie

The Snyder Cut’s online fandom was reportedly infested with bots and bad-faith actors