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The Verge’s features pursue rigorous, forward-looking journalism. Here you’ll find our most ambitious, award-winning reporting, profiles, essays, and oral histories across all the intersecting areas we cover, from technology to TV/film, climate change to creators.

Zuck turns up the heat

As Meta’s growth slows, Mark Zuckerberg is pushing even harder. Will his employees melt under the pressure?

The Great Fiction of AI

The strange world of high-speed, semi-automated genre fiction

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Netflix doesn’t want to hear it anymore

Tech workers at Netflix thought the company would always value their feedback. How naïve.

Unsettled: the Afghan refugee crisis collides with the American housing disaster

The Afghan refugee crisis collides with the American housing disaster

Chad Wolf, the illegal secretary

Governance by tweet. Incorrect paperwork. Total chaos.

How the TSA created two classes of travelers

Doctor Donor Fertility Fraud

What happens when your conception begins with deception?

A once-in-a-lifetime bird

Birding saved one man’s life. Maybe it can save the rest of us from climate change?

A visit to the human factory

How to build the world’s most realistic robot

Crypto is winning and Bitcoin diehards are furious about it

As cryptocurrency thrives, Bitcoiners seethe

Hustler at the end of the world

A glimpse behind the pandemic’s PPE supply chain nightmare

The many escapes of Justin Sun

Will the risky behavior of crypto’s most controversial hype man finally catch up to him?

Inside Pornhub

In the early days of the company, I was tasked with content moderation. I was not very good at it.

Searching for Susy Thunder

In the ’80s, Susan Headley ran with the best of them — phone phreakers, social engineers, and the most notorious computer hackers of the era. Then she disappeared.

Women who drive for Uber and Lyft are being left to fend for themselves

‘He was very drunk, so I was lucky’

Matter’s plan to save the smart home

Inside the slow, strange collapse of electric delivery startup Chanje

A tale of EVs, ayahuasca, Obama, and Chinese coal

Five former SpaceX employees speak out about harassment at the company

“SpaceX as an organization values the mission over employee wellness.”

The Mess Comes Home

Tech jobs were heavily outsourced in the ’90s. Now they’re returning to the US, with companies like Infosys promising lucrative careers — if you can stay off the Bench

Feature Packed

The worst gadgets we’ve ever touched

We pulled 10 gadgets from the fires of the eternal dumpster

10 reviews that defined The Verge’s first decade

The ones that mattered

Revolt of the delivery workers

Exploited by apps. Attacked by thieves. Unprotected by police. New York City’s 65,000 bikers have only themselves to count on.

No adults in the room

A new lawsuit accuses Daversa of having its own internal problems with workplace harassment and mismanagement

Libertarians built a crypto mecca in Keene, New Hampshire — then feds tore it down

The rise and fall of a Bitcoin empire

How Boosted went bust

An inside look at how the beloved electric skateboard startup fell apart

Can Polestar design a new kind of car company?

Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath wants the freedom of an auto startup with the benefits of an established player

The airwaves of Navajo Nation

During the pandemic, two radio stations broadcast vital information about COVID-19 to remote stretches of the country’s largest Indigenous territory. But how do you reach listeners who don’t want to hear it?

India’s healthcare workers are busting misinformation on WhatsApp

The backbone of India’s rural healthcare system is now tasked with beating back COVID-19 myths, one message at a time

The podcasting hype house from hell

How China’s biggest audio platform funded one man’s frat boy dreams

Where did the microchip vaccine conspiracy theory come from anyway?

Microchips, macro-sized lies

Heat Listed

Chicago’s predictive policing program told a man he would be involved with a shooting, but it couldn’t determine which side of the gun he would be on. Instead, it made him the victim of a violent crime — twice.

This is a map of America’s broadband problem

A county-by-county look at the broadband gap

Game studio layoffs mean a hellish race against the clock for immigrant developers

When losing a job becomes a deportation risk

Can Clubhouse keep the party going?

Fake laughs, imposters, and scams — behind the invite-only audio app’s most obsessive users

The unsettling surveillance of anti-Asian racism

The rise of assaults on the elderly, captured on security camera footage, raises questions about policing and what really keeps people safe

The NBA tries to make a slam dunk out of NFTs

Top Shot is playing the long game in the NFT craze

How a bruising Microsoft lawsuit fueled the fight for fair pay

After a bruising lawsuit with Microsoft, Katie Moussouris is fighting for fair pay

Mailchimp employees have complained about inequality for years — is anyone listening?

Behind the claims of sexism and racism at Atlanta’s premier tech startup