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With the Inflation Reduction Act, the US brings climate goals within reach

California aims to score big in the race for offshore wind

Heat pumps: what they do and why they’re hot now

‘Take that, Elon Musk’: Ford’s CEO takes a swipe at EV rival while announcing solar investment

This act is the biggest step against climate change the US has ever taken

Go read this investigation into major methane leaks in Texas and New Mexico

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The uneven energy costs of working from home

Can hydrogen fuel cells power Microsoft data centers?

London paid a record price for electricity during its heatwave

Joe Biden’s new plan: solar power for everyone, not just the rich

Teenagers spotted the largest gas pipeline spill in US history

Democratic lawmakers ask federal agencies to crack down on crypto mining

Texas’ fragile grid isn’t ready for crypto mining’s explosive growth

Bitcoin mining could bring higher electricity bills and more pollution to Texas

Tesla asks Texans to avoid charging their EVs during peak times because of the heatwave

Texas heatwave and energy crunch curtails Bitcoin mining

Dead solar panels are about to become a lot more valuable