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The Zoom installer let a researcher hack his way to root access on macOS

Why it’s taking so long to encrypt Facebook Messenger

This Mac hacker’s code is so good, corporations keep stealing it

Hackers and fraudsters used crypto bridge RenBridge to launder $540 million, says report

Dozens of Whole Foods stores will soon let you pay with just a scan of your palm

1Password 8 arrives on Android and iOS with a big redesign and personalized home

Burger King just emailed everyone a blank receipt in a whopper of a mistake

Twilio suffers data breach after its employees were targeted by a phishing campaign

Cameo’s CEO fell victim to the latest Bored Ape NFT heist

Hackers might have figured out your secret Twitter accounts

Reminder: passkeys are not just from Apple

Multimillion-dollar Solana crypto theft linked to Slope mobile wallet

A man made millions unlocking T-Mobile phones with stolen passwords

Nomad crypto bridge loses $200 million in ‘chaotic’ hack

Russia is starting to beat Ukraine at electronic warfare, analysts say

US federal courts were reportedly hit by another data breach

Google, like Amazon, may let police see your video without a warrant

Microsoft says it caught an Austrian spyware group using previously unknown Windows exploits

NPM users can now connect a Twitter account as a recovery method

Anti-vax dating site exposed data for 3,500 users through ‘debug mode’ bug

Now Microsoft Office is blocking macros by default

T-Mobile agrees to $350 million settlement over its massive 2021 data breach

A small Canadian town is being extorted by a global ransomware gang

Hackers have breached the Neopets virtual pet community

Romanian hacker faces US trial over virus-for-hire service

A Russian-backed malware group is spoofing pro-Ukraine apps, Google finds

Ex-CIA engineer convicted for sending classified hacking tools and info to WikiLeaks

Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco confirms reports it was hacked

Hunter Biden phone hack claims test platforms’ misinformation policies

Web3 projects have lost more than $2 billion to hacks this year

FBI and MI5: ‘The Chinese government is set on stealing your technology’

Senators call on FTC Chair Khan to investigate TikTok’s data security practices