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YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, and other online platforms are changing the way people create and consume media. The Verge's Creators section covers the people using these platforms, what they're making, and how those platforms are changing (for better and worse) in response to the vloggers, influencers, podcasters, photographers, musicians, educators, designers, and more who are using them. The Verge’s Creators section also looks at the way creators are able to turn their projects into careers — from Patreons and merch sales, to ads and Kickstarters — and the ways they’re forced to adapt to changing circumstances as platforms crack down on bad actors and respond to pressure from users and advertisers. New platforms are constantly emerging, and existing ones are ever-changing — what creators have to do to succeed is always going to look different from one year to the next.

Go read this report on ByteDance employees with ties to Chinese state media

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How to change your name on TikTok

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The joy of a calming Twitter account

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Audi’s custom electric S1 ‘Hoonitron’ will visit the states for Monterey Car Week

Mach-E got Blocked

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Making It Work 2021

How creators and businesses are trying to thrive

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Text Adventures: how Twine remade gaming

It started as a blogging platform. Then it became the counterculture to the mainstream behemoth of gaming.

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How to use a TikTok video template

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How scientists scrambled to stop Donald Trump’s EPA from wiping out climate data

Their work isn’t done yet

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How to fast-forward through a TikTok video

Issey Miyake, fashion pioneer and designer of Steve Jobs’ turtlenecks, dies at 84

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A guide to platform fees

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How to teach TikTok what you like to watch

Clubhouse is breaking up to stay relevant

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Rescuing discarded fabric for designer bow ties

Giving wasted material a new life

The TikTok influencers are coming for the midterms

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NextGen 2022

How young people use technology to navigate our strange new world

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In the hot seat

Man, it’s a hot one

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Finding community in a hip-hop producer’s Twitch stream

Inside Facebook’s struggle to keep young people

The world’s largest social network is internally grappling with an existential crisis: an aging user base

Snap is planning to lay off employees

Intel launches Arc Pro GPUs that are designed for workstations and pro apps

This backpack has it all: Kevlar, batteries, and a federal investigation

The man behind an alleged crowdfunding scam wants you to know he isn’t a scammer

This extremely hard Pokémon randomizer is the best thing on Twitch right now


The Twitch streamer behind Tfue’s custom $3,500 mechanical keyboard

Inside the burgeoning world of custom keyboard making

How to enable your Mac’s VoiceOver screen reader

YouTube’s latest experimental feature lets you zoom in on videos

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The Creators Issue

The people who make our favorite things and the platforms that enable (and exploit) them

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A leaked Tomb Raider script is looking pretty legit now that Square Enix DMCA’d it

Now TikTok can sell you tickets to see Demi Lovato or the WWE

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Grassroots online efforts are forming a new queer network of care

A decades-old caretaking tradition puts down digital roots

These ‘CSS crimes’ turn social media posts into games

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Maangchi, the internet’s Korean mom

YouTube’s most beloved home cook on online gaming, immigrant timewarp, and her new book

How to find (and delete) your TikTok history

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Desk setup videos have taken over YouTube — and my life

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The farmers market is moving online

TwitchCon San Diego will not require masks or vaccinations

Will TikTok Music be the next big podcast platform?

‘An engine for the imagination’: the rise of AI image generators