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Cars are the technology of the future. The Verge brings you new car reviews, auto show insights, deeply reported investigations, and news from the frontlines of autonomous and electric vehicle development. We bring you updates from major companies like Ford, GM, Mercedes, and VW as well as digital upstarts like Uber, Google, and Tesla. Cars are among the biggest computers that we’ll ever own, and we know computers. We also bring you news and analyses from the growing effort to reduce the number of cars crowding our cities and the fight to reduce oil consumption, cut CO2 emissions, and shift to more sustainable sources of energy.

The auto industry lost its spectrum fight with the FCC because V2V was always a fantasy

Ikea and Electrify America team up to install over 200 public fast chargers in 18 states

An open letter to the Tesla fan who wants to run over a kid to prove a point

These pole-mounted EV chargers let down their joules

Rivian reports more losses in the second quarter of 2022

Acura’s first electric SUV will have one of the brightest EV grilles yet

Ralph Nader urges regulators to recall Tesla’s ‘manslaughtering’ Full Self-Driving vehicles

‘Take that, Elon Musk’: Ford’s CEO takes a swipe at EV rival while announcing solar investment

Audi’s custom electric S1 ‘Hoonitron’ will visit the states for Monterey Car Week

Ford is almost ready to take new F-150 Lightning orders — with a $7,000 price hike

Tesla is offering half off its Full Self-Driving package and more for loyal customers in China

No electric vehicles on the market today qualify for the new EV tax credit

Lucid unveils new ‘Stealth Look’ for its luxury electric Air sedan

Nissan Z review: the parts bin sport car

Nissan reused a lot of parts when it put together this sports car — so why is it still so dang fun?

Toyota offers to buy back its recalled bZ4X electric SUVs

California DMV accuses Tesla of making false claims about Autopilot and Full-Self Driving

Tesla’s Cybertruck is going to be more expensive than originally planned

Argo AI assembles panel of outside experts to oversee safety of its autonomous vehicles

The US-made 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 will start at $37,495

Hail to the Leaf

The bulbous, gas-free car from Nissan helped prove electric vehicles have a place in the automotive industry

Lucid Motors will barely make any EVs this year as it slashes production goals again

Ford says it delivered the sold-out F-150 Lightning to customers in all 50 states

Chevy is offering up to $6,000 Bolt rebates — with a big asterisk

BMW recalls ‘small number’ of i4 and iX electric vehicles over potential battery fires

EV tax credits are back — and bigger — in new Senate climate bill

The Ford F-150 Lightning Pro SSV is an electric truck made for cops

Rivian is laying off 6 percent of its employees

Tesla’s ‘unlimited’ connectivity plan, including navigation, now expires after eight years

Nest co-founder Matt Rogers invests in EV conversion company Everrati

Uber’s posh electric car service is coming to more cities

Faraday Future delays launch of its debut electric vehicle

GM just secured enough cathode material for 5 million electric vehicles