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Art Club

Art Club

Every week, The Verge’s designers, photographers, and illustrators gather to share the work of artists who inspire us. Now we’re turning our Art Club into an interview series in which we catch up with the artists and designers we admire and find out what drives them.

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The joy of a calming Twitter account

Doctor Donor Fertility Fraud

What happens when your conception begins with deception?

A once-in-a-lifetime bird

Birding saved one man’s life. Maybe it can save the rest of us from climate change?

Hustler at the end of the world

A glimpse behind the pandemic’s PPE supply chain nightmare

2021: A year in art on The Verge

A look back at some of The Verge’s most impactful photography and illustrations from 2021

Illustrator Micha Huigen on creating a multifaceted collage for The Verge’s 10th anniversary

Karl Poyzer on his creative journey, finding joy in 3D, and creating a Vimeo staff pick

Go watch this amazing montage of 100 3D animations reimagining the same moment

Go watch this incredible web series about a Cyberpunk Salad Merchant

Simon Stålenhag’s retro-futuristic art comes to life in his directorial debut

It’s Halloween, so here are some mischievous skeletons

And a dancing mass of skulls

Simon Stålenhag puts a darker twist on his nostalgic sci-fi worlds

The Labyrinth’s ash-covered landscapes were ‘the only thing that felt relevant’

Netflix has a not very ‘secret’ site showcasing the Mank soundtrack by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Protest art leaves the streets

They painted boarded-up businesses, then scrambled to save the art

The best new animators are making their names on TikTok

TikTok has become a thriving playground for animation

Procreate 5X adds new filters and a handy reference companion view

Behind the scenes of our Microsoft Surface Duo intro shot

How to change your font in Slack

Using lasers and glass to make practical psychedelic scenes with Lewie Wilkinson

These are not 3D renders!

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s re-creations of macOS wallpapers look just as good

Run The Jewels release 3D model of their iconic logo for remix contest

Magic: The Gathering embraces punk aesthetics for its latest limited time drop

WindowSwap lets you cycle through picturesque views from all over the world

The visual storytelling of Run The Jewels

The Far Side returns after 25 years, and it’s all digital

33 powerful Black Lives Matter murals

Artists have turned boarded-up businesses into powerful Black Lives Matter art

The healing power of Black art

Zoom in style in a sci-fi ship decimating coronavirus particles

Perry Bible Fellowship’s Nicholas Gurewitch on making comics for the internet’s golden age

Inside the Oh Sees’ year-long effort to put their albums on 8-track box sets

We visited the studio that puts high-tech fashion on Billy Porter and Janelle Monáe

The artist putting tiny Kirby, waffles, and SpongeBob on your mechanical keyboard