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Wemo’s Stage Scene Controller is the light switch evolved

With the Inflation Reduction Act, the US brings climate goals within reach

An open letter to the Tesla fan who wants to run over a kid to prove a point

The auto industry lost its spectrum fight with the FCC because V2V was always a fantasy

Apple asked for a cut of Facebook’s ad sales years before it stifled Facebook’s ad sales

Xiaomi shows what a foldable could look like if Samsung had competition

Endling - Extinction is Forever is not afraid to hurt you

Vergecast: Samsung’s newest foldables and Disney’s prices go up

The flagship podcast of folding phones

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Our favorite laptops, bags, and gadgets for students

Amazon is getting into mental health care with a Ginger partnership

Samsung’s entry-level Galaxy Buds 2 earbuds with noise cancellation are just $99.99

These pole-mounted EV chargers let down their joules

CalDigit’s TS4 is the new king of Thunderbolt docks

Ports over portability


Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked August 2022: the five biggest announcements

New foldables, smartwatches, and earbuds

Why it’s taking so long to encrypt Facebook Messenger

How Elon Musk’s attempt to drag out the Twitter trial could backfire

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Finding friendship and freedom on an electric skateboard

Alleged Tornado Cash developer arrested in Amsterdam

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a little better and still too expensive

Minor camera and software improvements, big $1,799 price tag

Google’s Pixel 6a display can run at 90Hz if you’re willing to mod it

Samsung heir Jay Y. Lee pardoned for crimes, just like his father

MultiVersus season 1 kicks off next week following delay

Amazon finally added a good slideshow feature to the Echo Show

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How young people use technology to navigate our strange new world

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Ring’s new TV show sounds like a dystopian America’s Funniest Home Videos

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What’s the best student laptop? We asked students

Kids weigh in

Rivian reports more losses in the second quarter of 2022

You can turn Meta’s chatbot against Mark Zuckerberg

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The Verge’s Guide to working from home

Stories and advice on settling into remote work

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Go read this report on ByteDance employees with ties to Chinese state media

Telegram founder blames Apple for holding back a major update

Google is letting some people launch cloud games directly from search results

The 2022 Motorola Razr is only launching in China, but we want it, too

Here’s how the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 compares to last year’s Z Fold 3

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